Discover Lake Balaton!

With a Can Am Maverick X3 turbo!

The Adrenaline tour gives you the opportunity to try the Can Am Maverick X3 turbo, the best vehicle for extreme off-roading, and enjoy the panorama of Lake Balaton, or the smell of the forest, the closeness to nature. During the tour you can see deer, rabbits (if you have time to stare!) 🙂
But that may not impress you… okay... then maybe…

  • when 170 horsepower behind your back raises your adrenaline?
  • or that huge springs ensure that the terrain beneath you is smoothed out?
  • or is a yoshimura system ruffling your moods?

In addition to the designated route, you can get to know the charming villages, beautiful hills, lakes and forgotten castle ruins of the Balaton surroundings with individual tours with the 2-person “Buggy”, the driving of which is an unforgettable experience!


About the tour, what is good to know!

  • The vehicle is for 2 people.
  • It can only be driven with a valid driving-license.
  • If you don’t have the valid driving-license, you can experience the exciting excursion as a passenger.
  • The tour starts around Siófok. During this time you drive the car except for 10 minutes, another passenger is the tour guide.


  • Are you excited? Correct! BUT: as a sedative, it's not a good idea to drunk in a shot! Zero tolerance also applies to this BEAST, you can't drive while intoxicated either! In this case, you can only admire the panorama as a passenger! (believe me, it's worth it anyway!)
  • Not worth to come right after the haircut, it may ruffle the wind in your hair!
  • Leave your evening dress at home because you may be muddy (too)! 🙂
  • The stilettos are not an ideal choice for off-road driving either!

Short tour

This tour is 45 minutes, here as a passenger (?) You can enjoy the fast bends in the jungle on the outskirts of the city

General tour

The tour is 80 minutes, watch out! You are driving here!

This program includes forest edge, village edge, field, asphalt, earth, gravel road and panoramic lookout visits.

Extreme tour

This tour is 160 minutes, you drive!

The program is optional and can be combined with a panoramic tour

You can also take a longer, personalized tour on request.

We are also available for field trips and research.

Contact us by phone: +36309424898 or on Facebook

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Accelerates to 100km/h in 4.6 seconds!